Around the Bay in a Day – Part One

This is a heading normally reserved for a bike ride around Port Phillip Bay.  You’re right, I cant cycle that far so I didn’t.  I did go for a drive though.  The first stop was the farmers market at Bannockburn – not Scotland, but near Geelong.  We bought Avocados, Mangos, Tomatoes, Honey, Turkish Delight and Ravioli.  Whilst we were their we ate sausages and dumplings and had an excellent coffee.  Being a lovely Winters morning we saw this little lad.  Sad really.  Why would you put a dog in an outfit that says he supports the cats?

Geelong Cats Dog Coat



craterMy husband and I, along with our 2 sons, went on safari in Soth Africa in December 2005.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole safari and lodge experience and decided another trip to Africa might be in order.

This idea became a solid plan, when after spending time flipping through reference material in the lodge common room we both fell in love with the photos of the Ngorongoro Crater.  We decided that it would be an ideal location for a holiday to celebrate our 50th birthdays and our 25th wedding anniversary. Well we both turned 50 this year and our 25th wedding anniversary is in October so the trip is on for 2014!

We chose next year becasue it had to be outside the cricket season, after our oldest son got his drivers licence, after the rainy season, but before the really expensive time of year.  We’ve landed on May/June 2014 and all we have to do is fill in the detail.  Cheers Terri!


Mornigton Farmers Market

Mornington 11 May 2013Apart from the great views, the produce is magnificent.  We purchsed jams, bread, cakes, donuts, olives, cheese and fresh vegetables.

There was a band playing in the background, and with such a fantastic view, we decided to buy more donuts and eat them while sipping a fresh coffee.  The market is the second Saturday of every month, and we are likely to be regular visitors.

Christmas Holidays

A friend of mine is going to Coppenhagen (Denmark) in September.  She has decided that this will be an ideal opportunity to do some shopping for Christmas Decorations.  This plan got me thinking, if time and money were no object where would I choose for a special Christmas Holiday?

All sorts of places spring to mind, and travel agents are touting a number of them at the moment.  Popular suggestions are Paris, New York and Edinburgh.  The most exciting that I have sped though is the Christmas Markets River Cruise.  Its a 7 night cruise from Budapest ot Passau and includes Vienna and Salzburg.  Need to put that on my bucket list.

There are also sunnier options like Fiji, Bali, and Phuket.  My thoughts are that these areas are probably best travelled to at less expensive times of year, becasue the weather isn’t going to be all that different to what we are getting here in Melbourne, but each to their own.  Markets, Chritmas and Cruises hits all of my buttons!  Cheers for now Terri

Ulupna Starlight

_S4A4487You will have to double click on this photo to get the full impact of the night sky at Ulupna Island.  The absence of any cities or regional centres near by means that you can see so many more stars than can be seen from a suburban back yard.

After a lovely meal there is nothing better than sitting back and watching the stars come out.  It is a show stopping finish to the day.  Over Easter there is the added treat of a magnificent moon rise.  Once this happens all the stars disppear, becasue the moon is so bright.  It’s a brilliant double act.  Cheers Terri

Food and Travel and Camping

There are a number of things that I like about camping.  One is that once the camp is set IMG_0711up, I take my watch off and time can do it’s own thing, whilst I do mine.  The other thing I really enjoy is the food.  It’s not a cliche to say that food tastes better out doors, because its actually true.  The fresh air has something to do with it.  Another important factor is that many hands make light work and when you go camping with a group, cooking is actually a social event.

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals when camping.  This preferance has nothing to do with getting up early; its all about the eggs, the bacon and the coffee!  The photos to the left show how good it looks and you’ll just have to take my word about the taste.

Ulupna Neighbours

IMG_0739This fellow was one of the neighbours we met whilst we were camping at Ulupna Island.  We were lucky that he changed trees during the day.  He wadled along the edge of our camp site, sniffed out an number of trees and finally picked this one that he is perched in.

This isn’t a particularly large tree.  I think he chose it becasue we were following him and he didn’t like the encounter with the camping paparatzi.